Co-ownership (or as commonly known 'the syndication') of a racehorse involves the participation of more than one owner. It is effectively any type of racehorse ownership other than sole ownership.

Co-ownership of racehorses has grown so that there are now more co-owners in Britain than sole owners.Co-ownership provides a cost-effective way to get involved in racehorse ownership by allowing co-owners to share the costs of buying and running racehorses.

The message is clear: 'racehorse ownership has never been such fun and so affordable, so become a co-owner and enjoy the thrill of ownership together'.

Co-ownership Structures
Considerations you need to address before getting involved are:

1) what is your budget
2) what are you expecting from your ownership experience
3) matching your expectations with the type of ownership you enter into

Racing Partnerships
Racing partnerships consist of more than 2 individuals all owning a capital share in a horse, or a number of horses. Racing partnerships offer the following ownership benefits:
*Capital share in partnership horse(s). Can be from 2 to 1000 partners
*Fixed payment terms starting from £200 over a specific period
*stable tours, newsletters, socials, badges and hospitality when partnership horse(s) run

Foxtrot Racing offers partnerships which are professionally set up and managed, thus providing 'hassle free' racehorse ownership.

Leasing is a form of ownership without the capital cost of purchase. Leasing can vary from owning a horse for a single race, up to the whole racing career of a horse. Leasing offers the following ownership benefits:
*A company, person or group of friends can lease a racehorse
*Choose the racing colours and and name of owner
*become an owner for a period or even a specific day, without the need for capital purchase

Foxtrot Racing offers all types of racehorse lease so you can become an owner when you want to own.