By leasing a racehorse you become the owner for a specific period and thus enjoy the ownership benefits without having to pay any capital costs.

Foxtrot Racing takes care of all the details, right through to organising your corporate entertainment at the races if required. We also specialize in single day leasing (details below), so that you can lease a horse for a specific day or race.

Benefits of leasing a racehorse:

  • More cost effective than have to buy a racehorse and pay all the training and associated costs
  • Become a racehorse owner on the day or period you want
  • Choosing your own racing colours and see them worn on the racetrack
  • Enjoying raceday ownership benefits such as owners badges, entering the paddock before and after your race, talk to the trainer and jockey and make use of special owners facilities
  • If leasing on behalf of a company then use the lease as a promotional tool or for corporate entertaining
  • Add to an existing race sponsorship package with a racecourse, have a runner in your sponsored race

    The types of lease are shown below with guide prices:

    Single day leasing (Saturday) - from £4,500 with colours and 25% of prize money. £4,000 without prize money.

    Single day leasing (weekday) - from £4,000 with colours and 25% of prize money. £3,500 without prize money.

    Single season Leasing - from £30,000 with all prize money, incl running costs. £25,000 with no prize money.

    Career leasing - from £25,000 per season with all prize money.

It is also possible to lease a % share of a racehorse within any of the above leasing formats. This will decrease the cost but could infringe upon your ownership benefits.

(Guide prices above will fluctuate depending upon race type, prize money and prestige).


If you have more questions about Leasing with Foxtrot, or if you'd like to enquire about a booking, just call Tom or Clive on 01608 659988.